Swimsuits in January

This weekend we didn’t go anywhere.  It was fantastic!!  We stayed in town, relaxed and enjoyed this truly amazing city that we feel so fortunate to live in.  On Friday, after running around and accomplishing many little tasks, we met up with some friends at a fun spot called Wine Steals.  Lucky for us, we were there while Happy Hour was still in FULL swing and of course, we took FULL advantage of the deals!  Good food, nice wine and wonderful friends…it was a great way to end the week and start a fun weekend!

Saturday was great as well, but Sunday was the shining star of the weekend.  James and I got up and had great workouts.  (He hit the gym and I hit the pool.)  The weather outside hit a high of 80 degrees with WARM winds from the East.  This is a big deal in San Diego…warm winds.  We live on the water and there are never warm winds.  It felt great to have the warm sun hit our faces, our pale shoulders and our naked legs.  We walked to a great outdoor breakfast spot nearby, Cafe 976 and enjoyed breakfast, the sun and just simple conversation.  We stayed in San Diego, we didn’ t have anywhere to go or to be or planes to catch.  We walked back to our place along the beach and watched as huge waves crashed back into the water.  With these Eastern winds whipping into waves, spray shot up like the spray from a whale, over and over and over again.

Surfers stood and watched, deciding if they wanted to endure these gigantic waves.  I went home and grabbed my camera and tried to capture the beauty of the day.

After snapping all I could on our little beach, we decided to Jeep it over to Torrey Pines and catch the sunset on a nice hike.  It was a beautiful day that ended with grilling out on the patio.  I know it’s not summer, but it’s nice to remember what is around the corner and have a little taste of it until it fully sets in.

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