Wine and Jazz

One thing I adore about living in San Diego, is the variety of things we’re able to do living here.  Hiking, skiing, wine tasting, beach going!  The opportunities, it seems, are endless.  And so on a normal Saturday, no special occasion and just because we can, some girlfriends and I went up to Temecula to go wine tasting.

Standing at the counter, in between trying this red or that white, we talked about traveling, friends and places we will one day visit.   The views were beautiful; it was the perfect day to be up in the mountains enjoying the scenery and spending quality time with friends.

Meet Kim and Kim!

Our second stop, Monte de Oro, had just the tasting room to take in the beautiful views of Temecula.  The weather outside was clear and crisp with just the right amount of chill in the air.

For our last winery we went over to Leonesse Cellars, where Kim is a member.  It’s like something out of a picture book with perfectly manicured lawns and gardens, patio’s overlooking the vines and tall mountains in the background.

As we walked through the fields to get to the member tasting room, we came upon this perfectly placed table.  Of course, we had to stop and take in the views!

Enough with that and onto more tasting, we made our way to an enormous cellar with barrels lining the wall.

Kim loved this wine and tried to take it home with her!

I love this picture.  It’s representative of our day–full of laughter and a little blurry.

All in all, it was a great day.  Much needed time with friends, just enjoying the day with MANY glasses of wine and being thankful of where we live.  

Back at home, I took a quick nap before James’ cousin Kait Dunton dropped by.  We were lucky enough to have her spend the evening with us and went out to enjoy some Sushi for dinner.  The next day, Kait performed at Dizzy’s for the 2nd Annual Women in Jazz Concert.  It was too cool and she did PHENOMENAL!

It was a lovely weekend spent close to home, just enjoying what’s around us.