Crow’s Lake Triathlon {2014}

It’s like the calm before the storm.2014-06-Crow's Lake-Blog-2

It’s one of my favorite parts of the triathlon. The morning, the light, the fog over the lake, the sunrise.

2014-06-Crow's Lake-Blog-5

Everything is so peaceful.

2014-06-Crow's Lake-Blog-15

Everyone’s mind is focused on the race ahead of them.

2014-06-Crow's Lake-Blog-12

Preparing their space in transition – mentally walking through their swim, T1, the bike, T2 and then finally their run.

2014-06-Crow's Lake-Blog-9

People greet their friends and exchange the standard “Good Luck” and “Have a great race!” but their minds are swarming with thoughts about strategy and hoping that all the training they have put in the weeks leading up will now pay off.

2014-06-Crow's Lake-Blog-11

I love racing. But on this morning, it was great to photograph it!

2014-06-Crow's Lake-Blog-22

I raced the day before, so it was a perfect opportunity to drive up with my friend, Luis Prato and take pictures of the Calm before the Storm – and The Storm!

2014-06-Crow's Lake-Blog-35

I hope you enjoy the photos!

2014-06-Crow's Lake-Blog-58 2014-06-Crow's Lake-Blog-106b 2014-06-Crow's Lake-Blog-150 2014-06-Crow's Lake-Blog-126b2014-06-Crow's Lake-Blog-152 2014-06-Crow's Lake-Blog-163b 2014-06-Crow's Lake-Blog-173b 2014-06-Crow's Lake-Blog-189 2014-06-Crow's Lake-Blog-196 2014-06-Crow's Lake-Blog-1902014-06-Crow's Lake-Blog-197 2014-06-Crow's Lake-Blog-198b 2014-06-Crow's Lake-Blog-200
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