Isla Pepper

My Best Friend had her Baby!

I missed her and so I texted her to say “Hello”.  She texted back with a quick note that said something like, “So….I have news…”  Followed by a picture of a sonogram.  She knew I would call her immediately and I did.  And I cried!  I couldn’t be happier for her.  She’s wanted this for so long – to be a momma, to start her family!

I was on pins and needles in the days leading up to the baby coming.  She knew she would come early and was in the hospital for a few days prior.  When Isla Pepper finally arrived, I got there as soon as possible.

Isla – I look forward to watching you grow up and know you have some amazing parents to lead the way!

All my love to your family!

xoxo, Lindsay

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