Couple in the Light | Paris {CPI November Critique}

I have a bit of a crush on this image. This couple was sitting on the steps of the Pantheon in Paris and the light was coming through just right to shine on them. My friend Jed was with me, who is an amazing photographer. He helped me set up the image and guide me on how to work with the light behind the building. Anyway, I’m really fond if this photo.

I’m submitting this photo to our group critique tonight. I’ll update later with the feedback I get.

Overall, this image was very well received. My favorite things about it are the muted colors, the lines, the ceiling, the couple in the light, the sun from behind the columns. The thing that bothers me is that my lines aren’t straight, especially in the buildings to the right. One suggestion was using Lightroom to correct the perspective. A tilt shift lens could also help that. I did fix the bulging by Enabling the Profile Correction, but opted to not mess with the rest of the perspective. Here’s the picture after fixing that one thing. A slight change, but I like this better.