Vow Renewal {CPI November Critique}

November CPI Critique
Back in May, I was asked to photograph a vow renewal. {Insert complete freak out here.} Honored and completely terrified, I agreed. With the understanding that this is NOT something I was used to doing, nor could I make any promises, I would do my absolute best.

In all honesty, I don’t love the photos from this day. I shot it on the camera I had at the time, a Canon Rebel T2i. It’s a great camera, don’t get me wrong; I photographed Paris on that camera and LOVE my photos. Trying to shoot an indoor ceremony with poor lighting and no tripod; well, this is not the camera for that. But I learned that, and I’m thankful for the things I learned that day. Anyway, here is a photo I took before the ceremony started. I converted it to Black and White b/c I just didn’t like the colors in the photo.

I got some great feedback on this photo and as much as I thought I disliked this photo, it was very well received. The wood ceiling is great and I cut off the bright light source on the left side of the image where the sun comes in through the windows. They liked the dress in the door. Without bringing in additional lighting, I did a good job. This made me feel a lot better. A tripod or a monopod could have been helpful for a shot like this. It would have allowed me to slow the shutter and have a better aperture and keep the ISO low. Another recommendation was adding a gradient filter to darken the left side and brighten up the right corner. (See updated image below.) Originally, I preferred the B/W image; however, the group really liked the color. After looking at it more, I think I agree!