My brother’s family.

On a Sunday evening, I met them in the park and magic unfolded.  I guess it’s easy for me to say because they are my family and so I think they are loving, full of life, beautiful, caring and just super rad.  But I think anyone who meets them would probably say the exact same thing.  And so, we didn’t really take pictures, we just played – and I was lucky enough to come away with some photographs that I love.

2013-08-Scheiblauer Family Session-Blog-3

2013-08-Scheiblauer Family Session-Blog-8b 2013-08-Scheiblauer Family Session-Blog-9

My heart melts for this photo!  A’s love and Lane’s expression…priceless.  2013-08-Scheiblauer Family Session-Blog-10b

2013-08-Scheiblauer Family Session-Blog-14b 2013-08-Scheiblauer Family Session-Blog-20b

Watch Out!  This girl LOVES to point!  At everything!   2013-08-Scheiblauer Family Session-Blog-19
2013-08-Scheiblauer Family Session-Blog-212013-08-Scheiblauer Family Session-Blog-5

I mean seriously?  Can it get any cuter than these two?  2013-08-Scheiblauer Family Session-Blog-292013-08-Scheiblauer Family Session-Blog-28b

This has to be my favorite photo from the day.  Their love for each other, the fun they have together – gets me every time.  2013-08-Scheiblauer Family Session-Blog-322013-08-Scheiblauer Family Session-Blog-34
Beautiful ladies!2013-08-Scheiblauer Family Session-Blog-412013-08-Scheiblauer Family Session-Blog-36b
This child…her heart dances and makes my soul smile.2013-08-Scheiblauer Family Session-Blog-37b 2013-08-Scheiblauer Family Session-Blog-40b2013-08-Scheiblauer Family Session-Blog-42
Trying to sneak in some pointing.  It’s her go-to move!  You know you have one.2013-08-Scheiblauer Family Session-Blog-44b

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed my afternoon with them!

L, H, A, and L – I love you with all of my heart!

xo, Lindsay

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