Little One {Garreth Wallace}

A few weeks ago, I went over to a friend’s house to sneak a peak at the new man in her life.  He’s pretty cute, so of course I had to snap some pictures!  I introduce you to Garreth Wallace.

2013-08-Wallace Baby-Blog-1

A friend of theirs made this beautiful blanket for them. I love the colors.  2013-08-Wallace Baby-Blog-2 2013-08-Wallace Baby-Blog-4

Their loft is pretty rad and let in AMAZING light through these old warehouse windows!  I loved it.2013-08-Wallace Baby-Blog-6 2013-08-Wallace Baby-Blog-8

This retro bike shirt belonged to Garreth’s dad, Ross, when he was little!  I love that they held onto it!
2013-08-Wallace Baby-Blog-11
2013-08-Wallace Baby-Blog-15b 2013-08-Wallace Baby-Blog-18b

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much I enjoyed photographing this little guy.  He is too sweet!

Lindsay Brooke Photography