the Fontenot Family

Oh wow!  I feel lucky to have this friend in my life.  While living in Charlottesville for a very short amount of time, I was fortunate to meet two wonderful girls who became good friends!  So what if I met one of them at Target.  It was because of her, that I got to meet Tara!

Her friendship means more to me than she probably knows.


She goes out of her way to see me when she visits Atlanta and always makes me feel appreciated as a friend.  She’s pretty awesome and I’m pretty lucky to call her a friend.

Unfortunately, I moved away before she and her husband, Marty had their sweet baby girl, Avery.  But I got to meet Avery a few weekends ago while they were in town visiting family!


We took some fun photos in the Marietta Square and then got to catch up over lunch at Sugar Cakes!





Oh, and to see the way Marty just absolutely ADORES this little girl will just make your heart melt!


I was so sad when lunch was over and we had to go our separate ways, but thankful that through my short time living in Charlottesville, I’ve gained a life-long friend!


Love you guys!!  Can’t wait to see you again soon!